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Scenic Flights

Little Bird Airways offers Scenic Flights over Western New York as well as
Aerial Photography Flights throughout New York State
and Northern Pennsylvania

Scenic Flights
(Stay within 25 miles of  Buffalo Lancaster Regional Airport)

Our standard route takes you over Niagara Falls, downtown Buffalo, the Lake Erie shoreline

If you have a specific destination that you wish to fly over, please ask.
We may be able to accommodate you.

Your experience will take a little over an hour. Your pilot will spend about 10 minutes giving a pre-flight briefing, after which, you will be in the air for about 45 minutes.

The total cost for two passengers is $240 
(Total passenger weight may not exceed 400 lbs.)

New Era Field

Frequently asked questions:

When is the best time to fly?
     Generally speaking, the best time to fly is in the morning or early evening,    

    especially during the summer months. As the day progresses and the
            air warms, thermal activity causes the air to become turbulent. The air is
            much smoother and the ride more enjoyable in the morning or later
 in the day.

            What if the weather is bad?   
             In order to have a great flight, you need to have good visibility. We may
             cancel flights on rainy days or those that have a low overcast 
or are very 
  Also, some days are just too windy to fly. We ask that, when you
             book a flight, you give us a phone number or email address that we can 
             reach you with in the event that we have to cancel. We will try to give 
             you as much notice as possible, however, because of the nature of 
             weather, occasionally this might be last minute notice

What should I wear or bring?
Wear comfortable clothes and bring a camera if you like. Bottled water is
allowed on the airplane but other beverages and food are not.

            The Pilot has the final say as to whether a flight is canceled.


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