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Aerial Photograpy and Aerial Survey

Aerial Photography Flights and Aerial Observation Flights are available in
 New York State and Northern Pennsylvania.

Whether you want to do the photography yourself or you would like one of our
pilots to do so, we can get you some great shots.
Photo Flights with you as the photographer

$220/ hour

Projects taking more than 10 hours of flight time are discounted to $200/hour


Niagara Falls Photographic Flight Special !!

(You are the photographer on this flight)
This flight takes you on two circuits of the the scenic Niagara Falls

Little Bird Airways, LLC does have permission from the FAA to fly at lower altitudes than those prescribed in the Federal Aviation Regulations in order to facilitate aerial photography. However, we do not have permission to do so
over Niagara Falls. All flights over the Falls are conducted at a minimum altitude of 3,500 feet MSL.


Photography Flights in which we do the photography and
provide you with the photographs 

$280 per hour + NYS tax
hour minimum)

Who might need this service?

Companies engaged in environmental compliance work, engineering firms
 that specialize in land development, those looking to survey new 
construction, and those interested in archaeological study or
historic sites can benefit from our aerial views.

We also can provide:

Aerial photographs of your business or home
(There are occasions when this is not possible due to obstructions)


When charged by the hour, how is this calculated?
There is a Hobbs meter in the airplane that starts running when the
engine is started. The meter readings are noted before and after your flight.

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